Ep 148 Low Intensity War in Northeast Asia feat Tim Shorrock

Ep 148 Low Intensity War in Northeast Asia feat Tim Shorrock

Guest: Tim Shorrock. In recent weeks there have been cries of alarm about North Korea’s missile testing all throughout the media but they’ve omitted some key developments like the massive military build up and low intensity war in South Korea and Northeast Asia over the past few years. Tim provides us with some of that omitted context including the fact that the South Korean armed forces, allied with the US, is the seventh largest in the world.

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Ep. 28 War & Peace With North Korea feat. Tim Shorrock

Dan and Joanne interview Tim Shorrock, an author, investigative journalist and commentator on US foreign policy, national security and intelligence, and East Asian politics.

Tim grew up in Japan and Korea and was recently in South Korea for an extended visit. He’s the author of the popular book “Spies for Hire”. You can find Tim’s work at The Nation, Newstapa/Korea Center for Investigative Reporting, and many other media outlets and also at his website timshorrock.com.

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Recorded on August 1, 2017. Music by Fluorescent Grey.