Ep 148 Low Intensity War in Northeast Asia feat Tim Shorrock

Ep 148 Low Intensity War in Northeast Asia feat Tim Shorrock

Guest: Tim Shorrock. In recent weeks there have been cries of alarm about North Korea’s missile testing all throughout the media but they’ve omitted some key developments like the massive military build up and low intensity war in South Korea and Northeast Asia over the past few years. Tim provides us with some of that omitted context including the fact that the South Korean armed forces, allied with the US, is the seventh largest in the world.

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Ep 61 Escalation With China feat Peter Lee

Dan and Joanne talk with writer and analyst Peter Lee (aka @chinahand) about the escalation between the United States and China. We also discuss the broader East Asian region including Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Peter has decades of experience in East Asia both as a businessman and as a writer. He produces Newsbud’s “China Watch” and is published at Asia Times, CounterPunch at his own blog, China Matters. Follow Peter at @chinahand.  

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Recorded on July 6, 2018. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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