Ep 46 Trump’s War Cabinet feat Tom Luongo

Joanne talks with economist and writer Tom Luongo about Trump’s cabinet shuffle and the possibility that it is part of a Middle East grand bargain, as Alastair Crooke recently wrote about in the online journal, Strategic Culture.

Tom is former research chemist and staunch libertarian, Tom currently publishes his blog, Gold Goats ‘n Guns along with a monthly investment newsletter focused on geopolitics, commodities and cryptocurrencies. He is a regular contributor at Russia Insider and Seeking Alpha. His work is also featured regularly on sites like Zerohedge, Lewrockwell.com and Investing.com.

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Recorded on March 27, 2018. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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  1. Is the North Korea Deal a Stalking Horse for Trump’s Mid-East Makeover? Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture
  2. Neoconning the Trump White House, Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, American Conservative