Ep 215 Turkey’s Geopolitical History & Role in the World Today feat Isa Blumi

Isa Blumi provides some historical background on Turkey and Ottoman empire, some more current history of Turkey and NATO and also an analysis of Turkey’s current involvement in the rising crisis between US/NATO and Russia in Ukraine. We also explore the role of Turkey’s president Erdogan and what it means when people say that he and his political allies have neo-Ottoman aspirations. 

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Ep 158 Conflict Between Russia and Turkey in Syria feat Mark Sleboda

Ep 158 Conflict Between Russia and Turkey in Syria

(Podcast published on April 2, 2020) Guest: Mark Sleboda. We talk about the recent conflicts between Russia and Turkey in Syria. Negotiations resulted in a Sochi 2.0 Agreement, also called the Moscow Memorandum which settled the issue for the time being but none of the underlying problems were solved so it’s likely a temporary solution. We also discussed the overall situation in Syria and Turkish President Erdogan’s predicament and predictions for his future.

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Ep 65 Turkey: Economic War & Global Realignments feat Tom Luongo

Analyst and writer Tom Luongo returns to the show to talk about the economic and geopolitical implications of the current hybrid war between the US and Turkey and the broader war around it. We discuss the collapse of the Turkish Lira, dollar-denominated debt, how currency wars work, and the inertia of markets and traders. We also delve into the geopolitical lead up to this crisis — Turkey’s role in the Syrian war and a failed coup — both of which led to realignments and new allies that might result in an unusual rescue. Will Turkey employ a Russian formula for surviving sanctions and currency crises? Will it lead to an exit from NATO?  Or will the old guard, Cold Warrior foreign policy establishment bring a defiant Erdogan back into the fold one more time?

Tom is former research chemist and a current staunch libertarian. His specialty is markets analysis informed by geopolitics. Tom currently publishes his blog, Gold Goats ‘n Guns along with a monthly investment newsletter focused on geopolitics, commodities and cryptocurrencies. His work is also featured regularly on sites like Zerohedge, Strategic Culture Foundation and Investing.com. FOLLOW Tom @TFL1728. Find his work at Gold, Goats ‘n Guns, Steemit and on YouTube.

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Recorded on August 14, 2018. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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