Ep 145 Crowdstrike Analysis Revisited feat Jeffrey Carr

Ep 145 Crowdstrike Analysis Revisited feat Jeffrey Carr

Guest: Jeffrey Carr. Dan Wright and Joanne Leon had a reunion conversation with cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr to revisit the infamously erroneous Crowdstrike analysis of the DNC hack which they attributed to Russia based on their analysis of an alleged Russian hack of a Ukrainian military artillery app. We also discussed Crowdstrike’s history, its recent mention in  President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky (the same phone call that led to his impeachment for a different reason) and the broader issue of how cybersecurity firms are incentivized to make specious claims concerning attribution of a hack, particularly if it gains them notoriety that leads to more business.

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Bonus Ep. 31: DNC Leaks (Not Hacks)

Preview of episode 31 (a bonus episode for our patrons), part 1 of a series of bonus episodes on the alleged “Russian hack” of the 2016 presidential election.

Full episode: https://www.patreon.com/posts/bonus-ep-31-dnc-14029153

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Recorded on August 20, 2017. Music by Fluorescent Grey.