Ep 225 Business, Politics and Organized Crime feat Jeremy Kuzmarov

Ep 225 Business, Politics and Organized Crime feat Jeremy Kuzmarov

Guest: Jeremy Kuzmarov. We talk about Jeremy’s new article in Covert Action Magazine, titled How Organized Crime Infiltrated American Business After WW II and Corrupted National Politics from Truman to Trump. In it, he talks about a book by Jonathan Marshall, titled Dark Quadrant: Organized Crime, Big Business, and the Corruption of American Democracy. In a bonus segment, we talk about the January 6th riots. 

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Ep 140 Uprising in Iraq feat Elijah Magnier

Ep 140 Uprising in Iraq feat Elijah Magnier

Guest: Elijah Magnier. Uprising in Iraq: A new generation of Iraqis has new ideas and is not willing to accept an old, corrupt system dominated by ruling parties and sectarianism. Iraqis want foreign meddling to stop and they want reform and change. They want the country’s resources to be used to improve the quality of life. Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr still has enormous influence over the protesters in the street and the ministers in the government. But what does Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr want to achieve?

Prime Minister Mahdi inherited all the corruption and deficits from previous governments, the complications of alliances with the US and Iran and neighboring countries. His errors in handling the protests and his police forces and the violent crackdown led to his downfall. The search for a new leader of the parliament and the important ministries is on but there probably won’t be a new election until 2021. Will this new generation of Iraqis succeed in acting as a check on the corrupt actors going forward? 

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Ep. 30 Washington Babylon feat. Ken Silverstein

Dan and Joanne talk with American author and investigative journalist Ken Silverstein about power and influence peddling in Washington and the role of think tanks, NGOs and the media.

Ken is a DC-based investigative journalist,  and creator of Washingtonbabylon.com. He is a contributing writer to VICE and columnist for the New York Observer. His stated goal for Washington Babylon was “to cover DC politicians and journalists like Hollywood celebrities —  not the way they are worshiped by our current media masters.” He also wrote for Harpers Magazine, AP and LA Times.

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Recorded on August 11, 2017. Music by Fluorescent Grey.