Ep 161 UNLOCKED Quarantine Edition #2

Ep 161 Quarantine Edition #2

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Joanne and Dan Wright spend another evening while on quarantine / lockdown in New Jersey in a long conversation about Coronavirus, the reopening of states, “contact tracing”, Trump, the Clintons, Anthony Fauci, information from skeptics like RFK, Jr., and we also talk about the Kim Jong Un mystery. This episode is for patrons only but will be unlocked later for the public.

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Ep 57 2016 Election Intelligence Ops & Investigations feat Garland Nixon

Joanne talks with political analyst and Progressive Independent Garland Nixon about investigations and intelligence operations concerning the 2016 election. We also talk about the recently published Inspector General report on the Clinton email “MidYear Exam” investigation.

Garland is the co-host of the daily radio show “Fault Lines” and host of the weekly radio show “News Views With Garland Nixon”. He is also has a background in law enforcement and investigations. Follow him @Garland Nixon.

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Recorded on June 20, 2018. Music by Fluorescent Grey.