Ep 226 4th of July Holiday Special

Ep 227 4th of July Holiday Special

As a holiday special for 4th of July, a researcher who is well known on Twitter and goes by the pseudonym Gumby4Christ and Joanne talk about his research on the Covid origins lab leak theory, the pandemic in general and how basic freedoms and rights in our society have been impacted by the response to all of it.

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Ep UNLOCKED 163 Quarantine Edition #3

Ep 163 Quarantine Edition 3

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Joanne and Dan Wright spend another afternoon while on quarantine / lockdown in New Jersey in a long conversation about the pandemic, civil rights, protests, religious rights, so called philanthropists and oligarchs, and the breaking news on the Flynn case and Russiagate.  This episode is for patrons only and may be unlocked for the public at a later date.

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