Ep 211 Third Parties, War, Elections & Lockdowns feat Angela McArdle

Ep 211EXTRA Censorship & Lockdowns, Modern Day Gulags? feat Angela McArdle

Guest: Angela McArdle. Co-hosts Joanne Leon, Kelley Lane and Kyle Anzalone. This is a swapcast for the Around the Empire podcast and the Conflicts of Interest show. It’s a broad discussion about war and foreign policy, interventionism, elections and the handling of the pandemic with lockdowns and other restrictions and its impact on the lives of Americans, the economy and our rights. There is a bonus episode questioning whether censorship and lockdowns can be compared to a modern day gulag. 

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Ep 206 New Boss Same As the Old Boss? (Swapcast)

Ep 206 New Boss Same As the Old Boss? (Swapcast)

Swapcast: Kyle Anzalone from Conflicts of Interest and Joanne Leon from Around the Empire. Is the new boss the same as the old boss? We compare the Biden foreign policy to the Trump, Obama and Bush administrations, analyze press conference and announcements from NATO’s Jen Stoltenberg about expanding the number of troops and area of operation in Iraq and freezing any withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and more. 

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Ep 205 Biden Foreign Policy, Censorship & Elections feat Convo Couch

Hosts: Joanne Leon and Kelley Lane. Guests: Craig Jardula (aka Pasta) and Fiorella Isabel from the Convo Couch. We talk about the Biden foreign policy speech (and other declarations) and the people who are now returning to the helm of the “national security state”. We talked about the increase in censorship (including the recent demonetizing of Convo Couch and others), the “blue fascism” of the establishment and our thoughts on the time being ripe for for a broad, independent political movement. There is a bonus question for patrons about election integrity and the “storming of the citadel of democracy” on January 6th and the impeachment that followed. Fiorella and Pasta were there on the ground in Washington that day and they share with us their observations and analysis of the situation. 

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Ep 87 Newsguard & the “Trust Industry” feat Whitney Webb

Journalist Whitney Webb joins us today from Chile to talk about the budding “trust industry” — the latest crusade (and gold rush) to fight fake news.  A new, for-profit startup called Newsguard, aims to partner with major tech platforms, marketing firms and other institutions to mark news and information websites with color-coded flags to show consumers which ones are reliable. It is already installed as a feature of Microsoft’s mobile web browser and is running as a browser extension in some public libraries.

Ep87 Newsguard & the "Trust Industry" feat Whitney Webb
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Ep 39 Russiagate & Censorship feat Joe Lauria

Dan and Joanne talk with author and journalist Joe Lauria about Russiagate and the growing censorship of dissent.

Joe Lauria is an American journalist based in the Middle East, author of “How I Lost By Hillary Clinton,” and he has been a UN correspondent for 25 years. He now writes for Consortium News and has previously written for the Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications.

Follow Joe at @unjoe and find his writing at Consortium News.

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Recorded on November 24, 2017. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

Reference Links:

  1. Huffington Post Pulls Down Article That Runs Afoul of DNC/HuffPost Guidelines on Russia-gate, Ray McGovern

PDF copy of Joe Lauria’s article “On the Origins of Russia-gate,” published on Nov. 4 and removed less than 24 hours later