Ep 214EXTRA Who Lost China? feat Peter Lee


Guest: Peter Lee. We talk about the Fiasco in Alaska aka the Alaska Summit talks between the US and China on March 18th where Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security advisor Jake Sullivan met with top Chinese diplomats including Yang Jiechi, the Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Office in China. The preaching by the American officials was met with an unexpected clapbac and the whole affair blew up in international media including Chinese social media where the Chinese translator Zhang Jing and the defiant message she relayed was widely celebrated. We also talk about the US Indo-Pacific command’s containment strategy for China, a multi-faceted Cold War on the rise, the situation with Taiwan, Project 2049, and the prospects for war between Taiwan and China. In a bonus episode Peter explains the “who lost China?” narrative that has influenced the military and diplomatic corps for decades. Before we begin the interview, I’ll include some excerpts of the Chinese response to Blinken from the Fiasco in Alaska.

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Ep 203EXTRA Who is Behind the Wall Street Battle

Ep 203EXTRA Who is Behind the Wall Street Battle


Guest: Tom Luongo. We talk about market trading, the short squeeze tactic, Robinhood, Gamestop, silver and other assets that have been in play recently along with an allegedly grassroots populist, online-coordinated effort to rebel against hedge funds and Wall Street. Some have framed this movement as another generation of Occupy Wall Street. We also had a broader conversation about the overall unrest and in this bonus question about the possibility that behind the latest chaos might be yet another factional battle that could even involve foreign entities in a hybrid type war. 

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Ep 187 Don’t Avert Your Gaze From the Abyss feat Alastair Crooke

Guest: Alastair Crooke. In a recent article, Alastair said: “Theories of human ‘Progress’ as an upward-trending, linear continuum, inevitably leading to ‘a better human end’, though clothed today as technological ‘miracles’, were never empirical hypotheses. They were always concocted myths, answering to a human need for meaning, yet manipulated ruthlessly in the interests of power.” Alastair argues that these kinds of “struggles” have a long and bloody history. Politics in the United States in 2020 have been configured into a crusade against a “cosmic evil” and we seem to be barreling toward a major crisis from which we must not avert our gaze. We go into detail on these topics and Alastair offers an insider’s view of how we got to this point. There is a bonus segment for patrons, Ep 187EXTRA: Underlying Political and Ideological Battles in 2020, about who the key players are in this epic battle, what their goals are and to what lengths they are willing to take all of this. 

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Ep 177 TDY and War Trafficking feat Doug Valentine

Guest: Doug Valentine. Doug talks about his latest book, “TDY” based on a story told to him by a veteran of the Vietnam war who was sent on a covert mission related to the CIA and military involvement in trafficking. There is also a bonus segment about how and why the CIA uses trafficking for funding of covert operations Ep 177EXTRA TDY and War Trafficking. 

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Ep 89 The Real Story of Venezuelan Elections feat Dan Kovalik

Dan Kovalik joins us today to talk about the situation in Venezuela. US officials and almost all media outlets have made claims about the illegitimacy of the Venezuelan presidential election last May, using that claim to recognize a little known opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, as the new interim president, replacing President Nicolás Maduro. Dan begs to differ with that characterization, having witnessed that election process, up close, while he was on the ground in Venezuela as an election monitor. He shares that experience with us today and many other insights on the country, the region, and the media coverage and politics of it here in the United States.

Ep89 Real Story on Venezuelan Elections feat Dan Kovalik
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Ep88 Beyond Vietnam feat Margaret Kimberley

Columnist, editor and well known activist Margaret Kimberley joins us today to talk about a 1967 speech at the Riverside church in New York City by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Beyond Vietnam: Time to Break the Silence”. We talk about the prescience of the lesser known but epic speech and its relevance today. We also talk more broadly about NATO, the new Cold War, the yellow vests protest in France, Brexit, Greece and American politics.

Ep88 Beyond Vietnam feat Margaret Kimberley
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Ep 83 Temple of Covert Propaganda (Part 1) feat Mohamed Elmaazi

In this two-part series investigative journalist Mohamed Elmaazi joins us from London. Mohamed has been working on what is potentially one of the most explosive international scandals in recent years. Hacked documents have exposed a secretive “charity” think tank, the Institute for Statecraft, which is funded by the British Foreign Office, the US State Department, NATO, Facebook, a neoconservative foundation and others. Mohamed located their London office in a neo-gothic mansion, Two Temple Place, and later accompanied a British MP on an unwelcome visit. One of the Institute for Statecraft’s projects, The Integrity Initiative, possibly a front for military intelligence, is a covert propaganda network of politicians, journalists, academics, researchers and military officers engaged in smearing political leaders and interfering in the affairs of other allied governments.

Ep 83 Temple of Covert Propaganda (Part 1) feat Mohamed Elmaazi
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