Ep 265 Third Party Candidates Disrupt the Status Quo PANEL

Hosts: Joanne Leon, Kelley Lane. Guests: Shannon Bray, Matthew Hoh, Scott Horton, Angela McArdle

Panel discussion about the importance of third party candidates, especially anti-interventionist candidates who can act as a political insurgency to disrupt the establishment status quo. We also discuss the recent scandal with the North Carolina election board voting along partisan lines to prevent US Senate candidate Matthew Hoh from getting on the ballot, the recent takeover of the Libertarian party by the Mises Caucus and the need to find common ground among anti-interventionists across the political spectrum. 

Shannon Bray is running for US Senate in North Carolina on the Libertarian party ticket and Matthew Hoh is running for US Senate in North Carolina on the Green Party ticket. Scott Horton is an author, director of the Libertarian Institute and Editorial Director of antiwar.com. Angela McArdle is the recently elected chair of the Libertarian national party. 

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Recorded on July 27, 2022. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

Reference Links:

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