Ep 240 Witnessing the Transformation of China feat ADVChina (Winston & Matt)

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Guests: Hosts of the ADVChina YouTube channel and podcast Winston Sterzel (aka Serpentza) and Matthew Tye (aka C-Milk/laowhy86) lived and traveled through most of China for more than a decade. They started a custom motorcycle business and did most of their traveling on those motorcycles and they produced two documentary films. Their video and podcast content (they have individual channels as well as the ADVChina channels) is broad ranging but mostly about life in China from a westerner’s perspective and the more recent content has a lot of information about how things have changed. Both Winston and Matt married and have extended families in China and in their home countries of South Africa and the United States and they left China for the United States in the past couple of years after witnessing a significant transformation in China. We talk about that transformation, what life in China was like when they first moved there and how things are now. We talk about the real estate bubble, the Evergrande crisis, and Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign. We then discuss the escalating hostility between China and the United States and its allies. In a bonus question we discuss whether or not China is becoming an imperial power “with Chinese characteristics”. And more. 

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