Ep236 Questions Still Unanswered


Panelists: Peter Castagno, Gumby, Joanne Leon, Dan Wright. A panel discussion about the questions that are still unanswered 20 years after 9/11. This is part one of a series. There is an “after hours” bonus segment where we talk about turning this into a series, the fact that dissent from the official 9/11 story is (finally) being discussed more openly and there is strong pressure to make it less taboo, and more. 

Joanne Leon and Dan Wright are co-founders of Around the Empire. Peter Castagno is the co-owner of the Citizen Truth independent media website covering international politics. He is an independent writer & researcher with an MA in International Conflict Resolution.

Gumby is an independent researcher, well known for his research threads on Twitter and podcast appearances under the pseudonym @gumby4christ (a handle that he chose years ago in jest but then became a brand). 

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