Ep 234EXTRA Afghanistan Opium Trade feat Matthew Hoh

Ep 234EXTRA Afghanistan Opium Trade feat Matthew Hoh


Guest: Matthew Hoh. Hosts: Joanne Leon and Dan Wright. A wide ranging discussion about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the response to losing the war, the media coverage over the past 20 years and the bad actors we were allied with throughout the war but now upon leaving, the outrage and sudden concern for the Afghan people. Over the years, so many lies were told that the whole war seems like a big lie. We also talk about why the evacuation went so badly, the national security council, the British freak out and more. In a bonus segment we talk about the Afghanistan opium trade and the Taliban pledge to shut it down.

Matthew Hoh is a Senior Fellow with the Center for International Policy in Washington, DC and a member of the Eisenhower Network. He’s a disabled veteran, a former US Marine Corps officer and Department of Defense and State Department official. Matthew was in the Iraq War with the Marines and in both Afghanistan and Iraq with State Department teams. He is on the Boards and Advisory Boards of a number of organizations including Expose Facts, Institute for Public Accuracy and Veterans For Peace. He writes and speaks regularly on issues of war and peace, has appeared on numerous media networks and his work has been published by a wide array of online and print media

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Recorded on August 26, 2021. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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