Ep 230EXTRA Relentless Regime Change Operations in Cuba feat Margaret Kimberley

Ep 230EXTRA Relentless Regime Change Operations in Cuba


Guest: Margaret Kimberley. We talk about the recent assassination and leadership change in Haiti and the campaign for US military intervention. The details of the assassination are important but the fundamental issue is the undermining of Haiti’s sovereignty and who is really dominating and determining the rulership of the country.

From Black Alliance for Peace:

Who rules Haiti? Certainly, neither the Haitian people nor Haitian civil society. Instead, in the two weeks since President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated, the absence of Haitian sovereignty and the hollow nature of Haitian independence has been cynically exposed. 

“A rogue’s gallery of international actors—supposed “friends” of Haiti—have intervened in the republic’s internal political affairs, handpicking the face of Haiti’s government, while determining who best can serve Haiti’s imperial masters,” says Jemima Pierre, Haiti/Americas Coordinator for the Black Alliance for Peace.” 

In a bonus segment, we talk about the relentless regime change operations in Cuba and the current events happening there, from a perspective of self determination for a decades long target of imperial powers. 

Margaret Kimberley is the author of the book Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents and she’s the co-founder, editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report (BAR). She also writes on her own FreedomRider blog and is a member of the Coordinating Committee at Black Alliance for Peace. 

FOLLOW Margaret on Twitter @freedomrideblog  Find her work at the Black Agenda Report and at her FreedomRider blog. 

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