Ep 216 Indy Media Chinahawks (Swapcast) Patrick MacFarlane

Ep 216 Indy Media Chinahawks (Swapcast) Patrick MacFarlane

Swapcast with Liberty Weekly / Patrick MacFarlane. In this age of decline of the establishment mainstream media, the pundits and the usual chinahawk commentators aren’t the only ones parroting the hostile and aggressive narratives toward China. A surprising number of independent media (chinahawks) personalities with large followings are doing the same thing. Patrick takes note of some of the people and places where this is happening and also does some deep dive research into the Uyghur genocide claims and counterclaims themselves and takes a sober look at the evidence. 

Patrick MacFarlane is a practicing attorney in Wisconsin, a libertarian podcaster and a contributor at the Libertarian Institute.

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Recorded on April 16, 2021. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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  2. Conflicts of Interest #93 – China’s Uyghurs: Genocide Victims or CIA Pawns?
  3. ATE Ep 207 Chinahawks’ Uyghur Genocide Narrative feat Gareth Porter
  4. ATE Ep 181 Xinjiang and the Uyghurs feat Peter Lee

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