Ep 206 New Boss Same As the Old Boss? (Swapcast)

Ep 206 New Boss Same As the Old Boss? (Swapcast)

Swapcast: Kyle Anzalone from Conflicts of Interest and Joanne Leon from Around the Empire. Is the new boss the same as the old boss? We compare the Biden foreign policy to the Trump, Obama and Bush administrations, analyze press conference and announcements from NATO’s Jen Stoltenberg about expanding the number of troops and area of operation in Iraq and freezing any withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and more. 

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Recorded on February 18, 2021. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

Reference Links:

  1. NATO press conference: Stoltenberg speaks to media on second day of NATO ministerial meetings
  2. America after Trump isn’t exactly popular around the world, MSNBC
  3. US goes one year without a combat death in Afghanistan as Taliban warn against reneging on peace deal, Stars & Stripes

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