Ep 205 Biden Foreign Policy, Censorship & Elections feat Convo Couch

Hosts: Joanne Leon and Kelley Lane. Guests: Craig Jardula (aka Pasta) and Fiorella Isabel from the Convo Couch. We talk about the Biden foreign policy speech (and other declarations) and the people who are now returning to the helm of the “national security state”. We talked about the increase in censorship (including the recent demonetizing of Convo Couch and others), the “blue fascism” of the establishment and our thoughts on the time being ripe for for a broad, independent political movement. There is a bonus question for patrons about election integrity and the “storming of the citadel of democracy” on January 6th and the impeachment that followed. Fiorella and Pasta were there on the ground in Washington that day and they share with us their observations and analysis of the situation. 

Craig (aka Pasta) Jardula and Fiorella Isabel are the hosts of the Convo Couch show, an independent media show focused on politics, rooted in progressivism and one that strives to stand up for the little guy against the machine. They’ve done extensive work with candidates and investigation of elections and election systems. 

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Recorded on February 11, 2021. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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