Ep 203 Short Squeeze feat Tom Luongo

Ep 203 Short Squeeze feat Tom Luongo

Guest: Tom Luongo. We talk about market trading, the short squeeze tactic, Robinhood, Gamestop, silver and other assets that have been in play recently along with an allegedly grassroots populist, online-coordinated effort to rebel against hedge funds and Wall Street. Some have framed this movement as another generation of Occupy Wall Street. We also had a broader conversation about the overall unrest and in a bonus question about the possibility that behind the latest chaos might be yet another factional battle that could even involve foreign entities in a hybrid type war. 

This podcast is another example of how both Tom Luongo and I seek out common ground for discussions even though our views are very different on some issues. But we both believe that a huge number of people from across the spectrum have many of the same fundamental wants, needs and objectives and we should seek those out when we can instead of demonizing and waging war against each other. These divides can be (and are) manipulated, aren’t in our best interest and only favor people who we should be opposing because they absolutely don’t have the best interests of the populace at heart. When we do that, we all lose, so let’s find common ground. 

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Recorded on February 1, 2021. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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