Ep 189 OPCW Whistleblowers, Russiagate and a Tribute to Stephen Cohen feat Aaron Maté

Ep 189 OPCW Whistleblowers, Russiagate and a Tribute to Stephen Cohen feat Aaron Maté

Guest: Aaron Maté. We talk about OPCW whistleblowers, Jose Bustani and Aaron’s testimony at the UN. We also discuss recent developments in the Russiagate conspiracy and pay tribute to the great Stephen Cohen, prominent scholar, professor and author. There is a bonus segment for patrons about who was behind the pressuring of OPCW and for what purpose. Ep 189EXTRA Relentless Pressure on OPCW feat Aaron Maté

Aaron is the host of the Pushback With Aaron Maté show at the Grayzone and a contributing writer at The Nation

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Recorded on October 16, 2020. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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