Ep 167EXTRA Averting Our Gaze From Biowarfare feat Sam Husseini

Ep 167EXTRA Averting Our Gaze From Biowarfare feat Sam Husseini


Guest: Sam Husseini. The origins of COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus are not yet clear but the possibility of it being the result of bioweapon engineering research or gain-of-function experimentation that makes viruses more deadly or some other scenario have largely been dismissed, from early on, by officials and some scientists and to a large extent suppressed by the corporate media. Regardless of the origin of this pandemic, there needs to be more discussion and airing of different views on this subject and on the topic of the global biological arms race that is very real and happening largely outside of the public view. 

This is an extra/bonus segment for patrons on the question of privatized and/or covert biowarfare research, a short discussion with Sam and some additional information that I later added, reading from some articles and adding some commentary to expand a little and for important context.  You can find that at Patreon, Episode 167 EXTRA. 

Sam Husseini, a writer and artist living in Maryland. He has been published in The Nation, Consortium News, CounterPunch and elsewhere. He is senior analyst for the Institute for Public Accuracy. He’s also founder of VotePact.org — which helps break out of the two party bind.

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Recorded on May 22, 2020. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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