Ep 162 China Hawks Exploit Pandemic feat Dave DeCamp

Ep 162 China Hawks Exploit Pandemic feat Dave DeCamp

Guest: Dave DeCamp. We talk about the way that China hawks are exploiting the pandemic and global crisis to influence the opinion of a fearful public. There are legitimate issues with China but some of the same bad actors who were involved in the post 9/11 push for war in the Middle East and others seem to be using this crisis to advance their own great power competition agenda, for political and financial reasons and for the evergreen goal of preserving the empire. If there was ever a time to avoid conflict, it’s now, while the country is in pretty dire straits. Big crises can result in big changes and profiteers who don’t have our best interests at heart know that better than anyone. Dave has written two articles on the topic, filled with great examples and context and we talk about those today. 

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Recorded on May 1, 2020. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

Reference Links:

  1. China Hawks Exploiting America’s Fear of Coronavirus, Dave DeCamp
  2. New Anti-China Propaganda Uses Russiagate Playbook, Dave DeCamp

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