Ep 136 Coup in Bolivia feat Ben Norton

Ep 136 Coup in Bolivia feat Ben Norton

Guest: Ben Norton. We discuss the coup in Bolivia where the recently reelected president, Evo Morales, was forced to step down by the military leaders and later flee to Mexico. An extreme right-wing opposition and fascist paramilitary then moved in to take control. Ben explains some of the groups and individuals involved in the coup and the support and involvement of other Latin American countries and the United States. 

Ben Norton is a journalist, writer, and filmmaker. He is the assistant editor of The Grayzone, and the producer of the Moderate Rebels podcast, which he co-hosts with editor Max Blumenthal. 

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Recorded on November 14, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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  2. Top Bolivian coup plotters trained by US military’s School of the Americas, served as attachés in FBI police programs, Grayzone, Jeb Sprague
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