Ep 135 2020 Election and Impeachment feat Michael Tracey

Ep 135 2020 Election and Impeachment

Guest: Michael Tracey. In a wide ranging discussion we talk about the 2020 election, the Democratic primary, the progression of Russiagate, Spygate, Ukrainegate and how it led to the impeachment circus going on now. We discuss the “investigate the investigators” process going on in the background and the media coverage of all of the above. In relation to the 2020 primary, we talk about the different candidates and their rallies and supporters. And we talk about Tulsi Gabbard’s rise in the polls and her recent events and appearances, including her support for the 9/11 families. 

Michael Tracey is a journalist based in the New York City metro area and the host of a podcast and Youtube channel. His articles are published by many different media organizations and he is a frequent commentator on TV and online media. 

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Recorded on November 11, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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