Ep 124 The Kremlin Spy & Russiagate feat Aaron Maté

Ep 124 Kremlin Spy & Russiagate feat Aaron Mate

Guest: Aaron Maté. We talk about the latest Russiagate “bombshell” story that revealed the identity and Washington, DC area location of a Kremlin spy, Oleg Smolenkov, and claimed that he provided intelligence proving that Vladimir Putin ordered an election influence operation favoring Donald Trump. Also we discuss the machinations of former CIA DirectorJohn Brennan, the Barr and Durham investigation of the investigators and the political ramifications of Russiagate overall. 

Aaron is the host of the Pushback With Aaron Maté show at the Grayzone and a contributing writer at The Nation

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Recorded on September 15, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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