Ep 121 Epstein and the Clintons feat Whitney Webb

Ep 121 Epstein and the Clintons feat Whitney Webb

Guest: Whitney Webb. We continue the discussion on Whitney’s multi-part investigative journalism articles on the Jeffrey Epstein affair, the multi-national criminal enterprise with an American wing that is whole heartedly bipartisan and perennial. Today we focus on Part 4 of the series: From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

Both familiar and unfamiliar names and events turn up in this episode. For instance, Iran Contra, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Mena, Arkansas, Rose Law Firm, William Barr, BCCI, PROMIS, Systematics, Danny Casolaro, Jackson Stephens, Adnan Khashoggi, and more. Part 4 is the final piece of this series but not really the end, and Whitney gives us some hints about spin-off investigations that will be pursued. 

Whitney Webb is a MintPress news journalist and the co-host of the MintCast podcast. She is based in southern Chile and has contributed to numerous independent media outlets with writing and interviews. Also, Whitney is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.  

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Recorded on August 23, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.


2:10  Intro, multi-national criminal enterprise and how it evolved, Iran Contra, 1990’s activity, corporate media consolidation

6:30 Clintons involvement in Iran Contra, Mena, Arkansas, Rose Law Firm, BCCI, Systematics, 2-party system/partisan veneer,  permanent bureaucracy, accumulation of wealth and power, independent media investigation

10:00 Terry Reed book, stunning statements from Bill Barr to Bill Clinton at Camp Robinson in 1986, the new (post-JFK?) bipartisan “covenant” and ruthless means to achieve ends of control, power & wealth

14:30 Bill Barr, past & present

18:00 Evolution and growth of the “racket”, cover ups, Epstein trafficking, money laundering, endless wars, no accountability

20:15 Clinton body count myth

21:30 Danny Casolaro, Inslaw, PROMIS

28:00 Rose law firm, Jackson Stephens, Hillary Clinton

33:30 BCCI, Epstein, Wexner, Southern Air Transport relocation to Ohio, money laundering, timing of Epstein death, Adnan Khashoggi, intelligence, weapons trafficking, BCCI, Richard Secord

43:00 Murdoch, Ghislaine Maxwell, NY Post sensational stories, intelligence factions, Wexner

47:30 Whitney’s upcoming spinoff investigations, much more work to do for more independent media figures

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  1. MintPress: From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship (Part IV of “Too Big to Fail” investigative series by Whitney Webb)
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