Ep 120 Ukraine Political Transformation? feat Mark Sleboda

Ep 120 Ukraine Political Transformation

Guest: Mark Sleboda. Mark Sleboda joins us from Moscow to talk about the political transformation in Ukraine and the recent snap elections in the Ukrainian parliament (the Rada). The “throw the bums out” trend continues and the new president,Volodymyr Zelensky and his brand new political party now have a rare absolute majority and they begin the task of actually governing this troubled state. 

Mark is an International Affairs & Security Analyst, a US Navy veteran, a university lecturer and a foreign policy realist.

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Recorded on August 7, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.


01:30 Ukraine presidential and snap parliamentary elections, Zelensky, “Servant of the People”, rejection of Poroshenko, anti-corruption, vague policies that appeal to East and West Ukraine, new inexperienced Zelensky party in Rada with diverse policy positions, no party platform or ideology

11:00 Oligarch Kolomoisky, originally pro-Maidan, funded & armed nationalist/neo-Nazi battalions, Privat Bank, fled country with IMF funds, self-exiled and later returned, possibly created Zelensky

16:30 Zelensky continues orientation toward EU and the West, Minsk agreement, privatization and austerity

18:30 Civil war, refusal to talk with Donbass separatists leaders, relations with Russia

21:30 Ukrainian economy

27:30 Control of military and national guard, intelligence services

30:30 Ukraine elections and parties (also with an introduction to Mark’s pets voicing their opinion in the background 🙂 (see photos in reference links)

44:00 VICE article (see reference links) propaganda on the far-Right militias, influence on Europe, missiles found in Italy, blowback of Western proxies, current situation with neo-Nazi militias, previous contradictory work of VICE in Ukraine

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  4. Pics of Mark’s pets (including Morrigan the crow)

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