Ep 102 Another Failed Coup in Venezuela feat Joe Emersberger

Guest: Joe Emersberger. We talk about the latest failed coup in Venezuela, the sanctions causing tens of thousands of deaths, and the level of political support or resistance to intervention in the US and Europe. We also discuss Canada’s foreign policy and involvement in the American and British empires. Lastly we assess the risk of a larger war with Russia and China as they oppose American aggression and sanctions in various parts of the world.

Joe Emersberger is a Canadian engineer and UNIFOR member with Ecuadorian roots. He writes for FAIR, Venezuela Analysis, Counterpunch, The Canary, MintPress News, Telesur English, and Znet.


  • 00:00 Canada’s foreign policy and involvement in US empire and British empire
  • 10:00 LIMA Group
  • 12:45 Venezuela Constituent Assembly, 2018 election
  • 18:20 Sanctions causing tens of  thousands of deaths in Venezuela
  • 19:30 January 23 and April 30 coup attempts
  • 36:00 Political support and resistance to intervention and sanctions in US and Europe
  • 43:00 Maduro cabinet members’ false defections
  • 48:00 Warnings against military intervention
  • 57:00 Anti-interventionist movement
  • 1:00:00 Trump-Putin phone call on Venezuela, larger risk of war with Russia & China

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Recorded on May 4, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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  2. The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy, Yves Engler
  3. Trump’s May 3 tweet about phone call with Putin
  4. Kremlin readout on Trump’s phone call with Putin
  5. Venezuela’s Failed Uprising: How a Deal to Oust Maduro Unraveled, Bloomberg
  6. Quotes from retired Adm. James Stavridis in Foreign Policy: Venezuela Is at a ‘Tipping Point’

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