Ep 100 Russiagate Turned Ordinary Russians Against the US feat Bryan MacDonald

As Russiagate winds down, its toxic legacy endures in more ways than one. Journalist Bryan MacDonald has witnessed this first hand in his dealings with ordinary Russians. They’re losing their good will and admiration towards America largely because of Russiagate. Due to their broad exposure to western media and social media, Russian citizens are fully aware of the growing xenophobia and hatred expressed toward Russians by prominent Americans in government and media. Bryan tells us that “admiration and curiosity towards the US has been replaced with disappointment, hostility and often anger”. And this is a drastic change from the positive attitudes he found to be common just a few years ago.

Ep100 Russiagate Turned Ordinary Russians Against US feat Bryan MacDonald

Bryan MacDonald is an Irish journalist living and working in Russia. He writes for RT and previously Before moving to Russia, Bryan worked in Ireland for the Evening Herald, Ireland On Sunday and the Irish Independent and has written for many other publications and was a regular guest on various networks.

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Recorded on March 31, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

Reference Links:

  1. Bryan MacDonald: Mueller report: ‘Russiagate’ hoax helped turn ordinary Russians against the US
  2. Ex-Intel head Clapper: Russians ‘almost genetically driven to co-opt & penetrate’
  3. Wes Clark – America’s Foreign Policy “Coup”

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